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Myles and Me

"a heartwarming amusing realisation of chronic illness"

the authentic project


"Ruth Curtis gave a spirited, sincere and energetic performance as Violet who listens and offers advice to all the women, then takes up the cause to stop the baths from closing.”

UK Theatre

Quiz Night at the Britannia

"The performances are spot on and special mention must also go to... Ruth Curtis, the quiz mistress who has to juggle scripted lines alongside audience interaction and does so with great charm."

Daily Info Oxford


Remember Tomorrow

"performed impeccably, to a highly appreciative and attentive audience"

Daily Info Oxford


At the Hop


"The acting skills of Ruth Curtis (Edie) are a joy to behold. From the opening minute when Ruth Curtis superbly sets the scene, this show just never loses its impact."

The Stage


Wuthering Heights

"No glossy, big-name actress here, but a real Cathy played by Ruth Curtis with great power and at times great tenderness."

Oxford Mail



Quiz Night at the Britannia

...ridiculously dry as the fabulous Quiz Mistress

Tania Higgins (director)


Harmony's Requiem (feature film)

You were terrific and played the part perfectly. The scene looks great and has a nice vibe to it. You staying so serious when Kinsey is doing all these insane things in front of you comes across really well and it is a nice light-hearted scene.

Mark McDermott (director)


Remember Tomorrow

...when I asked you to play four characters, I was presenting you with a challenge. You walked it! All your characters were spot on. Your performances were excellent. Barbara did exactly what I had hoped for - injecting spirit, mirth and courage into those opening scenes and convincing the audience that they would also have marched with her, had they been asked! Gwen was played so much as an offspring of that mighty shoot that the mother-daughter relationship resounded about the auditorium. As for the cameo "warden" - well, you made me want to write an entire play about her, so rich was the quality of the characterization. Thank you a thousand times.

Gwilym Scourfield (writer)


Inquisitive Pictures

…in my opinion you were by far the best and most talented actress auditioning! You were simply amazing and I am just fascinated by your acting every single time I see you. You have a very special aura about you… you blew us away.

Linda Ludwig (director)

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